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Jalsa. Beyond Salsa


Less isn’t always more.

Sometimes, more is more.

More flavor is more flavor.

More texture is more texture.

And more zing is, well, you get the idea.

See, Jalsa is more than just a salsa.

It’s a  joyous celebration of fresh flavors, diverse cultures, and surprising versatility.

And when you bring it to the table, it brings so much more.

It’s a  dip. A  marinade.

A  cooking sauce. Even a  drink mix.

It’s a  salsa for the soul.

So, put an end to the endless hunt for the perfect salsa.


What does Jalsa mean, anyway?

Jalsa is a jalapeño-based salsa, blending the flavors of Indian and Tex-Mex cooking to create a fresh flavor, unique texture and powerful, spicy kick.

Jalsa is a dip, a healthy marinade, a cooking sauce, and a simple addition to add spice and flavor to any recipe.

Jalsa, in the Indian language of Hindi, means Celebration, Festival or Fun. And as a jalapeno-based salsa, the name “Jalsa” was a perfect fit!